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ROMOR I Radius-Backed Bearings
Staves can be installed directly into round bore tube. Specially formulated nitrile polymer rubber bonded to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMW-PE) backing.

ROMOR I Radius-Backed Bearings in locking stave design.

ROMOR I technology developed for the military is available in a radius-backed locking stave design for use in commercial marine round-bore stern tubes. It's the ecological answer that will help you meet the marine industries requirements for a clean new world, while dramatically cutting maintenance time and costs.
Radius Backed

ROMOR I Dovetailed Stave Design for Naval Bronze Housing


ROMOR I low coefficient friction of 0.01 reduces your vessel's maintenance costs.

Less friction means longer bearing life and more protection for journal from damage and wear. It will drastically cut replacement costs and extend life between bearing change outs. ROMOR I is energy efficient, reduces noise and vibration and protects the shaft from excessive wear.

ROMOR I is exceptionally durable.

ROMOR I is tough and corrosion resistant, greatly extending wear life in the most aggressive working environments. ROMOR I staves outlast brittle materials such as: Lignum Vitae, Hard Rubber, Polyurethane Alloys & Phenolic Laminates 18 to 1.

ROMOR I Radius-backed staves are designed for ease of installation.

All-polymer light-weight staves are easy to handle, cutting installation time and maintenance costs. ROMOR I staves come in standard sizes, or can be manufactured to exact thickness and side angles to meet your specifications for ease of installation in any standard round-bore stern tube.

Staves can be installed without removing the bearing from the shipyard, saving time and money.

Easy installation method

  • Staves all placed directly into round bore tube
  • Slightly longer all-rubber locking staves placed next ROMOR I staves
  • Alloy compression head is bolted to stern tube compressing locking ROMOR I staves in place.
on Radius-Backed Staves
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Duramax® is a registered trademark of Duramax Marine® LLC.
ROMOR® I is a registered trademark of Duramax Marine® LLC.


ROMOR I is available in two configurations:
For NAVAL Bronze
Dovetail Housing

Radius-Backed For Standard
Cylindrical Stern Tubes


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